Growth-Stage Investing

Minerva Growth Partners (“MGP”) plans to invest from 1 to 3 billion yen per company, primarily targeting growth stage private companies that have established product-market fit (PMF), revenue models, and an attractive unit economics to grow towards 10 billion yen scale in sales. In addition, we will also make private equity investments in growth-stage public companies and their business units and subsidiaries. Our focus areas include consumer internet and B2B software and services including healthcare tech and fintech.

Buyouts / PIPEs / Carve-outs

As a private equity fund focused on growth companies in the technology sector, MGP is able to offer a variety of strategic solutions, not only limited to investments in unlisted companies, but also buyouts, private investments in public equities (PIPEs), and carve-outs of specific business units or subsidiaries.  In particular, we support companies who have concerns regarding their valuation in the capital markets, liquidity and stock price which make it difficult to raise capital, preventing them from pursuing proactive measures.  MGP addresses these issues through providing strategic solutions through our private equity investments.

Private-Public Crossover

MGP is capable of a long-term holding period from pre to post-IPO, allowing an investment across the company’s entire lifecycle. Pleiad Investment Advisors can also invest at an IPO and post-IPO and build large positions in the public markets for long and super-long holding periods.


Our team with a highly unique and diverse background, has ample experience in public and private investments, investment banking, and in business operations. We will create long-term partnerships with our portfolio companies as well as provide ongoing support for management teams post-IPO.

  • Advisory services on capital allocation policy and financial strategy
    • Pre-IPO capitalization table and IR strategy support
    • IPO preparation support – equity story, IPO timing decisions, offering structure
    • Support for M&A and alliances
  • Provide advice and execution support for overall CFO operations
    • C-level hiring and team formation, administrative operations, KPI management, and business plan model development support
  • Providing market insights as a global institutional investor
    • Provide insights on global industry and capital markets
    • Support for preparing and enhancing communication with institutional investors post-IPO


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